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This is a blog dedicated to the creation of the Gallifreyan language. Our style of Gallifreyan is called "Collective Gallifreyan".


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I noticed that you list the House of Wildthyme in your list of houses on the main site. I was wondering if there is any canon support for this house existing? I am working on a Time Lord OC and had decided she would be from that house cause it was in Southern Gallifrey (as is Lungbarrow) and I wanted my OC to be from the South. On Rassilon, Omega, and that Other Guy, the name of the house appears to be just speculation. (My OC is non-Prydonian so Prydonian houses are out).

Rihays was our admin that dealt with the deeper Gallifreyan culture and Classic canon. (My focus is on creating a language that real people can use to talk about themselves and each other, which means finding a balance to alien culture and human cultures.) I don’t know anything about Wildthyme as a house, but I can suggest you work with all the canon surrounding Iris Wildthyme, a Clockworks Gallifreyan (who at times claimed to be a Time Lady).

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

- Rhiannon

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[submission] thank you

thanks soooo much for the gallifreyan of my name (the proper spelling). 

it’s so hard to find this spelling 

and thanks for the “i love you to the moon” (and back)

it was something my grandma may used to say to my sister. my grandma recently passed and i wanted to give something from me to my sister in something i love.


[end submission]

Happy to help!

- Rhiannon

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would you be able to write my name, my boyfriend’s and my late grandmother’s name in gallifreyan. 

they are Kerri, Aaron and May.

plus if you could possibly write ” I love you to the Moon”. it’s something my grandma would say to my sister and i would like to send her that in gallifreyan. i think it would look beautiful.

Kerri [last name redacted]

[/end submission]




I love you to the moon (and back):

Here you are!

3 weeks ago on March 26th, 2014 | J | 4 notes
Would you mind writing my name McKenzie in Gallifreyan? If not it's okay I was just hoping :)


Please check to see if we already have your name! The asks are almost always tagged.

- Rhiannon

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Do you have a sentence structure yet, or are you using English structure.

Collective Gallifreyan is a Verb-Subject-Object language! (English is a Subject-Verb-Object language.) See our project notes for more information about CG sentence structure.

- Rhiannon

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Hello there! I was just hoping you could show me a preview of what the names "Ashley" and "Daniel" would look like in Gallifreyan? My wonderful fiancé and I are big whovians and I am planning to surprise him by getting our Gallifreyan names on 2 separate canvas as wall art for our new apartment. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you! :)





Here you are! Congrats on the new apartment!

- Rhiannon

1 month ago on March 10th, 2014 | J | 0 notes
Do you use double letters? If so do you say the letter twice, or just once?

I do not plan on using double letter in the future, and as far as I know none of our words (or transliterations) use double letters.

- Rhiannon

1 month ago on February 20th, 2014 | J | 1 note
How do you guys come up with your words for the dictionary?

Well, if we need a word that’s related to a word we already have, we have a very nice (and incomplete) list of affixes to use.

If we’re creating a new word, we usually have an English definition worked out. From there we pick sounds we like. They might be sounds we haven’t used in a while or the word might be modeled after a word from a foreign language or a name (personally, I like fantasy novels).

- Rhiannon

2 months ago on February 18th, 2014 | J | 3 notes
I couldn't find a word for "Fall" as in "She fell off the chair", is there a word yet for "Fall"?

We don’t have one yet! Would you like to create it?

- Rhiannon

3 months ago on January 3rd, 2014 | J | 4 notes
I looked through the pictograph list but i didn't see any symbol for the English letter "J" could you please help me

"J" is actually two sounds: [dʒ]

"Ch" is also two sounds: [tʃ]

This is how those sounds are represented in IPA, so we made them two letters in Gallifreyan rather than a single letter. Sorry for the confusion!

- Rhiannon

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