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This is a blog dedicated to the creation of the Gallifreyan language. Our style of Gallifreyan is called "Collective Gallifreyan".


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would you guys be able to write a name for me?

Yes! Just send it to us! All the names are written with American Standard pronunciation, so if you want yours in a different accent, you can send us what you want in IPA and we’ll make it for you.

- Rhiannon

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We’ve had there and then - I just put up here and now! Talk about time using adverbs in Gallifreyan!

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fromthetimesbeforethewar replied to your post: Over on the forum, DropTheStars is wor…

//Linear? So, Old High?

Yup, OHG. 

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Over on the forum, DropTheStars is working on a linear alphabet for writing Gallifreyan!

- Rhiannon

1 month ago on August 24th, 2014 | J | 2 notes

Our amazing Jade is making a system to identify particles and atoms!

- Rhiannon

1 month ago on August 23rd, 2014 | J | 2 notes

Basic functions were easy to create. Check out all the amazing math you can do! If you’re the kind of person to do math in alien languages, that is. Remember it’s a duodecimal system, so do your numbers in base-12!


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I’ve also added Rihays’ AMAZING math symbols. The only thing we don’t have? Basic functions. (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.) Rihays worked on a system, but I couldn’t understand any of the notes, so I couldn’t approve it. (And I can’t do a tutorial of it for the PN.) I’m going to sift through the forum to see if Rihays fixed the system or if I should make my own. Worst comes to worst, I’ll post the notes here and see who can make the best system. Submissions are OPEN.

- Rhiannon

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You can now do fourth grade math in Collective Gallifreyan!

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Adding decimals and fractions to the Project Notes!

- Rhiannon

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For anyone not in the know…

Rihays, who was not on tumblr but made our forums, was a HUGE part of our project for an amazing amount of time. Every week, Rihays managed to pump out giant chunks of vocabulary and concepts to add to the project. Rihays was in charge of updating the Gallifreyan-English dictionary available on our forum site, but I was the one supposed to be updating the project notes. A lot of things were happening all at once, and I neglected to get each update done promptly. (Rihays not only managed to update, but also created amazing resources for us like Gallifreyan for Beginners and Intermediate Gallifreyan.) A lot of what I’ve been doing for the project has been updates and filling name requests. I thought it would be easier to update so when we did get around to creating more bits of grammar and adding words, I could put it all in at once. This has backfired a little bit because I’m more than a year behind even though Rihays hasn’t been active in the project for months.

I’m catching up now, and I’m really excited to share some of the amazing stuff we’ve done. My plan is to get the grammar done before the end of the year. Once that happens, we will debut a secondary blog that will post images of the words in our lexicon. I’m also hoping to attach related projects to create High Gallifreyan (as our current project focuses on Modern Low) and to explore and construct the etymology of our lexicon as well as the evolution of Gallifreyan grammar. When that happens, I’ll be sure to let you know! If you’re more interested in those projects, keep tabs on the blog. We would love your help. 

- Rhiannon

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